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I chose the name ‘Manawa Ora’ as website name. I came across this name during my stay in New Zealand, it means “Breath of Life” which I find very appropriate for this site.

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The photos and texts which are created at this site are taken and written by myself. The camera I use is a Nikon D5200 SLR camera. Photos and/or writing issues which are not mine will have the source listed. When you want to use a photo for personal use and/or other purposes, I would appreciate it if you contact me first.


About me…

I am Theda and welcome to Manawa Ora. Since 2014 I started this site / blog because, quite simply, it is great to have your own website where you can put all your pictures, stories and creativity but also because, and let’s face it, it is fun to take a peek into someone else’s life, so why not in mine;)
My passions are music, travel, sports, photography and of course animals, wildlife, everything that walks, crawls, swims and flies! So I completely changed my life in 2003. From a Full-time physician assistant in the hospital, sports instructor and having my own house in the city of Groningen, I put my house for sale within two weeks and sold it, send my resignation at the hospital and at the gym to go to Africa as a wildlife volunteer! After 2 ½ months Africa I travelled to Australia and New Zealand where I have lived and worked for 1½ years, again as a volunteer. In Australia I got my PADI open water diver certificate and the first time I went into the water with my scuba gear I was  totally hooked on diving. After 1 ½ years, I decided to go to Thailand to take part as an intern for the  PADI OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor). After Thailand, I became a certified PADI OWSI and I was able to work as a diving instructor. I worked in St. Maarten, the Dutch Antilles, after that I went to Gran Canaria. I had a wonderful and relaxing time during my travels, a time I will never forget.

At the end of the year 2007 I decided to go back to the Netherlands. Working as a diving instructor in the cold and dark waters in the Netherlands didn’t really appeal to me, I realised that after my trips to exotic places, warm weather and water I have become a spoiled warm water diver so I became an instructor for the offshore and maritime industry which I really loved doing but after a couple of years it was time for a change, again! I started a new education and since three years I work as a training coordinator and safety engineer (MVK) at a new and growing company, which I’m still doing. I live with my four-legged dog Dakota a.k.a. “Koda” (black labrador) in the beautiful area of Drenthe.

When you have a question, an idea, a tip or any other reason why you would to get in touch with me, please use the contact form under the Home button, ‘Contact’.
Lots of fun!
Love Theda


How I met Fall Out Boy…. – the Music!

How I met Fall Out Boy… – the music!


In my dreams they come alive

Starting in the beginning in a small apartment in Thailand,

Diving deep down the ocean, outta Dutch Lowlands, my land.


On the television screen, Dance Dance! Ecstatic frenzy, hypnotic Trance Trance!

Too long, can’t wait, time for the twilight zone,

Irresistible force, ready for the next blow, the next glow.


In the light of what I know, I am only thinking,

Longing for the dark, going down swinging.


In my dreams they come alive, overflowing feelings & exploding energies.

In my dreams they come alive, feel them, touch them, taste them, thnks fr th Mmrs.

Don’t wanna wake up, please Mr. Sandman, Stay!

They come alive in my dreams but not every day!


Years go by, countries go by, together with you, stuck in my ears, in my head & in my heart,

My life complete with a navigational chart, a kick of a start.

From the lions rasping roar into the dreamtime down under,

Suddenly lost, never seen, never heard, gone like thunder.


In the end, beyond a decade, we finally meet, clouds & sheep do fade.

Happening happens at the fantasy suite 20th of October,

Can’t wait any longer, Augustus & September move over.


In the dark of what I know, I am just thinking. Longing for the light to shine.

Going down hypnotized, remember them for centuries for my soul to shine.








Jessica the Hippo

Jessica the Hippo,

Jessica and me ZW

The World to Explore

The World to Explore

Info Manawa Ora

Manawa Ora

Ik heb gekozen voor de naam ‘Manawa Ora’ als website naam. Ik kwam het tegen tijdens mijn verblijf in Nieuw Zeeland. Manawa Ora is Maori’s voor ‘Breath of Life’ wat ik erg toepasselijk vindt voor deze site.

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  • Wildlife Vrijwilliger, de verschillende projecten die ik heb gedaan
  • Portfolio – met verschillende categorieën zoals Landen/steden, natuur, dieren etc.
  • My Pen – spreuken, schrijven, gedichten et.

Alle foto’s en teksten op deze site zijn gemaakt en geschreven door mijzelf. De camera die ik gebruik is een Nikon D5200 spiegelreflex  camera of mijn Sony Xperia telefoon. Foto’s die ik niet zelf heb gemaakt of teksten die ik niet zelf heb geschreven zijn voorzien van een bronvermelding. Mocht je een foto willen gebruiken voor persoonlijk gebruik en/of andere doeleinden zou ik het op prijsstellen als je contact met me opneemt.

Manawa Ora

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